• Markov S., Vice rector for Government Relations and public organizations of PRUE.
  • Tutaeva D., Dean of the Faculty of distance learning.
  • Maslennikov V.,Head of General Management Department.
  • Fernando de Melo, a spokesman for the European scientific and industrial chamber.
  • Ponomaev M., Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Management.
The members of the organizing Committee:
  • Ari Palenius, director of the University of Applied Sciences (Finland) ;
  • Marek Vochozka, Rector of the Institute of Technology and Business Graduate School of Technology and Economics (Czech Republic);
  • Guyzhu Tsai, chairman of the Union of Chinese businessmen in Russia, President "Greenwood" mall;
  • Kovalev V., deputy executive director of the Association of Russian Managers ;
  • Melamud M., Deputy Dean of the Faculty of distance learning;
  • Karasev P., Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Management;
  • Butenko J., assistant professor of general management ;
  • Chigrov A., leading expert of the European Centre of Innovation Management;
  • Morozova D., Chairman of the Student Association of the Faculty of Managemen.