The International Scientific and Practical Internet Conference

Organizers: Faculty of management and Faculty of distance learning, and Department of General Management of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics

The aim of the conference: to reveal solutions for urgent problems of entrepreneurship development in interaction of business owners and senior managers, as well as to work out training technologies aimed at development of managers entrepreneurial abilities and skills as the key element of a company's efficient development.

Topics of the sections of the conference:

  1. Economic Foundations of Management;
  2. Business Technologies;
  3. Intercompany Entrepreneurship (intrapreneurship);
  4. The manager and business owner: modern solutions.

Questions for discussion:

  • Entrepreneurship and professional development of managers.
  • Management of venture business and technological enterprise.
  • The role of universities in the development of entrepreneurship.
  • Teaching entrepreneurial knowledge and skills to managers.
  • Company management tools used by the business owner.
  • Motivation of top managers at various stages of the company life cycle.
  • Interests of the owner and top manager: confrontation and cooperation.

Media Partners: Publishing house "Economicheskaya gazeta", Journal "Innovations and Investments"

The working languages of the conference are Russian and English.

Please send the materials of the reports by E-mail to the address till 15th of June 2013..

The participants of the conference will receive the certificates.

All papers will be published in the theses collection after the conference.

The most interesting materials of the Round table will be published in the scientific journal "Innovations and Investments" which is included in the list of the leading peer-reviewed scientific journals and publications, recommended by Higher Certification Comission for publication of the main results of the dissertation researches.