Dear students, graduate students, university professors!

I invite you to take part in the International Scientific and Practical Internet Conference "Innovations in the commercial management" aimed at improving the level of education, the involvement of interested teachers and most talented students in the work of improving and developing the control system in the sphere of circulation.

Trade has become one of the first sectors of the economy that operates on market principles. This requires continuous improvement, finding new ways to develop, active use of innovations - such an approach would ensure not only the active development of trade, but also strengthen its social orientation. Taking into account that today trade provides approx. 20% of Russia's GDP, the problems of finding innovative ways to develop in different directions are of particular relevance.

Very important in modern conditions is also the problem of training of skilled personnel in the field of commercial management. Training of skilled, creative managers for the services sector in general, and trade in particular, is very important and at the same time, a very difficult task. The process of studying the now classic management theories should help students understand the major developments in trade and build their understanding of the possibilities of using some innovative techniques in practice.

To achieve all the objectives outlined above it is important to understand there are new laws in the development of commercial management, and try to propose mechanisms, methods, management tools of commercial enterprises.

The best articles will be published in the scientific collection with the name of the conference.

Chairman of the Conference
Doctor of economics, prof., Head of the Department of Trade Policy in PRUE