Innovations in the commercial management

Faculty of Management, Faculty of distance learning and Department of Trade Policy of the Plekhanov Russian University of Economic invite students, graduate students, practitioners, researchers and teachers and other interested par-ties to take part in the International Scientific and Practical Internet Conference "Innovations in the commercial management" that will be held from 15th of No-vember till 20th of December 2013.

Presentation materials are to be sent via e-mail to: till 20th of December 2013.

Sections of the Conference:

  1. Perspective methods and technology of promoting products and services.
  2. New forms of organizational structures in the consumer market.
  3. Features of modern competition policy in the trading services market.
  4. Trade and other service industries: forms of interaction.
  5. The activity of management of commercial organizations to strengthen the social orientation of their functioning.
  6. Innovative elements of the system of personnel management in the trade.
  7. New directions for the preparation of specialists for the field of commodities circulation (the organization of business processes, economics and organization of the contract system, etc.).

Problems of innovative ways of developing commercial management are not limited by the proposed themes, so the organizers of the Conference will be glad to discuss other relevant issues.

On the results of the Conference the collection of articles will be prepared. The organizing committee reserves the right to select papers for their placement in the collection. All participants will receive a certificate.

Languages of the Conference: Russian, English.