The Faculty of Distance Learning annually holds research Internet conferences on the most topical issues of the Russian economy.

Our conferences receive great attention from professional community. Different categories of people take part in their work. Among them there are well-known scientists and academics, students and postgraduates, leaders and executives of companies from various sectors of economy. Apart from Plekhanov University, participants represent universities of other cities of Russia and other countries.

For example, at the conference “Innovation at the commercial management”, which took place from 15 November to 20 December, 2013, co-chairpersons of the organizing committee included Yan Chen Yu, deputy dean of the School of Economics and Business Administration of Beijing Normal University, China, and Ari Palenius, Director of the University of Applied Sciences Laurea, Helsinki, Finland, as well as Fernando de Melo, a representative of the Russian Federation in the European Scientific and Industrial Chamber.

The theme of another conference also held at the end of 2013 was “Legal means of fighting corruption in the Russian Federation”. It was organized by FDL together with the chair of the theory and history of state and law, the chair of criminal law and the chair of international and constitutional law of Plekhanov University.

Over the recent years FDL also held such conferences as “Innovational character of the economy of Russia and the processes of globalization”, “The Russian financial market: problems and prospects of development”, “Insurance and banking business: trends of effective interaction”, “Entrepreneurial aspects of manager’s activities”, to name only a few.

Complete information and the papers presented at the past conferences can be found at the site of the faculty. >>>