Organizers: School of Management, School of Distance learning, Department of the Theory of Management and Business Technologies Plekhanov Russian University of Economics.

The purpose of the conference is to identify ways of solving urgent problems of business development in relations between business owners and senior management, as well as technology of training managers entrepreneurial abilities and skills as an essential elements of effective development of the companies.

Participants University professors, scientists, doctoral students, graduate students, teaching staff of educational institutions, entrepreneurs, business owners, managers of companies and people, interested in topics, are invited to participate in the conference.

Conference topics

  1. Organization of the possessory management of companies;
  2. Technologies of designing effective business systems;
  3. Professional activity of the owners in the company management;
  4. Intrapreneurship;
  5. Professional and independent directors, their role in company management;
  6. Manager and business owner: modern solutions.

Questions for discussion:

  1. Relations, occurring between owners and hired managers during the process of management;
  2. Methods, arrangements, tools and technologies of entrepreneurial management, taking into account the trends of economic globalization processes;
  3. Development of new and adaptation of existing methods, arrangements and tools of managing companies, taking into account new requirements to professional quality managers;
  4. Mechanisms of forming corporate entities in the economy, taking into account the globalization of the world economy;
  5. Tools of managing companies, used by business owners in agro-industry and its sectors: agriculture, food processing industry, agricultural machinery, fertilizer production, forestry, water, fisheries, wholesale and retail trade in food and agricultural commodities, companies organizations complex service, industrial and social infrastructure.
  6. Development of problems concerning reconciling the interests of the owner and senior manager, inherent to the current state of particular industries and activities under the influence of trends and factors such as the restructuring of national economies, innovative technologies, increasing role of socially-oriented development trends, etc.
  7. Analysis of modern trends in motivation of top managers at various stages of the life cycle of companies.
  8. Defining the role of universities in the development of theory and technology of management, the study scientifically proved organizational forms of economic activity, the economic mechanism typologies forms of enterprises, institutions, organizations and complexes of services industries; improvement of methods of governance and regulation.

Media Partners: ID "Economic Newspaper", science analytical magazine "Innovation and Investment"

Conference languages: Russian, English.

We invite to participate students, graduate students, academic staff and other interested parties to take part in internet conference.

According to the results of the international scientific-practical conference on the 18th of June 2014 at 15.00 the Roundtable will be held. Venue: Scientific-Information and library Centre after Acad. L.I. Abalkin, reading room (Building 6 , 2nd floor).

We ask you to send your research reports to an email address up to June 16, 2014.

The most interesting conference proceedings will be published in the theoretical and analytical magazine "Innovation and investment" included in the list of leading peer-reviewed scientific journals recommended by the VAK for publication of the results of the dissertation researches. Conference participants will receive certificates.

Requirements for the registration

To participate in the conference you should send on the mentioned address:

  • Application for participation in the conference (application form and requirements for its execution are given in Annex 1 of Requirements);
  • Full text (in Russian or English, requirements for registration text articles listed in Annex 2 in Requirements);
  • Proof of payment.

Deadline for receiving materials is June 16, 2014.

The conference is held in absentia. According the results of the conference within one month collection of scientific papers on the disk will be released and sent to reviewers.

International Standard Serial Number ISBN, UDC, BBK, author Mark are assigned to the Collection of scientific papers. All documents must be submitted to organizers only in electronic form by e-mail:

Organization fee

Organizing fee includes: editorial and technical processing of website materials, their inclusion in the conference proceedings. Organization fee is 1200 Russian rubles When publishing abstracts in conference materials (text up to 4 pages f. A4) and 250 Russian rubles when publishing articles in the format of PDF. The receipt must specify a single amount (eg 1450 = 1200 ( registration fee ) + 250 ( publication of the article in the format . Pdf).

In addition to the organizational fee author independently pat the cost of postage of collection with the class 1post (one receipt) with cash on delivery. Payment of the registration fee is the basis for inclusion of materials in the collection . Payment of the registration fee must be made before 16 June 2014 and provided with wire transfer by transferring the funds to the bank details of which are given below.

Individuals can make the payment through any branch of the SberBank of the Russian Federation or another bank. To confirm the payment you must send a copy of the payment order by e-mail. When receiving materials , the organizing committee sends a notification to the author by email . We ask authors, who sent material by e-mail and did not receive notification of their receipt by the organizing committee, to duplicate request.

Details of transferring of payment for participation in the conference

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BIC 044525555 C / Account: 30101810400000000555 Name of payment: "Participation in the conference MC-2014-1" (name of the author).

Contacts: Leader of the project Malikh Ksenia Olegovna

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