October, 2012

Welcome to the 1st International Conference on

"Teaching Humanities at Economic University"

Organized by Humanitarian Centre and Distance Learning Faculty

Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Moscow, Russia

The primary goal of the conference is to identify the most challenging trends in teaching humanitarian subjects in higher economic education. The conference is held to make it an ideal platform for lecturers, researchers and practitioners to share views and experiences providing solutions in therelated areas.

The major topics of the conference include but are not limited to:

  1. History - Teaching Russian History at economic university in modern conditions
    • Lessons for aspiring economists from Russian history of entrepreneurship
    • Issues in theory and methodology on teaching Russian history at economic university
    • Shaping world outlook of students in teaching Russian History
    • Multimedia educational tools in teaching history
  2. Philosophy - Philosophical issues in humanitarian educationat economic university
    • Core values of an economist and an entrepreneur and the role of humanitarian education
    • The role of philosophy in humanitarian education at economic university
    • Ethics as a constituent in humanitarian education at economic university
    • Moral upbringing within the framework of humanitarian education at economic university
    • Aesthetical upbringing within the framework of humanitarian education at economic university
    • Logics in economic education curriculum
  3. Foreign languages - Teaching foreign languages at economic university: advantages, aims and prospects
    1. General aspects of teaching FL for specific purposes
      • Implications for FL teaching based on economic graduate profile
      • New generation Russian State Standards on FL teaching at economic university
      • Issues in FL teaching at economic university stipulated by developments in education
      • Traditional and new approaches in FL methodology
      • ESP features
      • Modern trends in monitoring and assessment of language skills
    2. Language and cross-cultural competences
      • Interaction of language and culture in modern multicultural world
      • Language as means of intercultural communication
      • Language and cross-cultural competence level of economists
      • Translation issues and cultural interaction
      • Language and cross-cultural needs of a modern graduate
      • Link between language skills and career prospects
    3. Modern methods and technologies in teaching FL at tertiary level
      • Innovations in teaching FL with information and computer technologies
      • The development and use of multimedia teaching and testing programs
      • Using the Internet as a teaching tool
      • Didactic aspects of teachingFL in distance learning
      • Teacher's role in distance learning
      • Problems of cross-cultural communication in learning via the Internet
    4. Russian Language teaching in the 21st century: traditions and innovations
      • Language profile of an economist
      • Russian language as international lingua franca
      • State language in the Russian Federation: perspectives within new economic framework
      • The role of the Russian language in modern world
      • Teaching Russian abroad: issues and solutions

Conference Languages: Russian, English

We invite paper submissions addressing one or more of the topics presented above. We also encourage submissions, which present early stages of research work and demonstrations of research and development projects.

Please prepare your paper in accordance with the following guidelines:

  1. Format: The paper should be submitted in MS WORD Document.
  2. Length: The maximum length of a paper is 5 (A4) pages (including figures, references, etc.) with the following settings:
    • Margins: 2.54 cm (1 inch) margins top, bottom, the left and right
    • Font: Times New Roman 12 point (main text, headings, quotations and examples)
    • Line spacing: 1 pt
    • Paragraphs should begin flush left.
  3. Title: Begin the paper with centered title using 12-point boldface type.
  4. Author(s) and institution should be centered below the title in 12-point type.
  5. Figures and tables should be numbered sequentially and integrated into the text.
  6. Notes: Please use endnotes rather than footnotes.
  7. Italics may be used for highlighting essential information. Underlining should be avoided.

Please submit the paper and the completed registration form as e-mail attachments to reu.conference@mail.ru with subject 'REU conference' by October 15, 2012.

Registration Form
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Participation is free of charge. Your articles will be put at the conference site in the section "Reports" ("") for free. The organizational committee will select the papers to be published in the proceedings. Please note that the articles having low interest are not subject to publication. All participants will receive a Certificate.

The site of the conference:http://sdo.rea.ru/cde/conference/4/

The e-mail: reu.conference@mail.ru